Cognitive Rehabilitation (Cog Rehab)

Do you feel overwhelmed and ill equipped in providing help for your family member with dementia?

Cog Rehab may be the solution.

Cog Rehab is a therapy usually provided by Occupational Therapists. It is different from cognitive fitness exercises. In many hospital or therapy sites, it is especially helpful for people who have had strokes or traumatic brain injuries. Hebrew HealthCare has developed a Cog Rehab program specifically for people with Alzheimer’s and related disorders. According to the Society for Cognitive Rehab there are four components to this therapy:

  1. Education about cognitive weaknesses and strengths. The focus here is on developing awareness of the problem.
  2. Process Training. This refers to the development of skills through direct retraining or practicing the underlying cognitive skills. The focus here is on resolving the problem.
  3. Strategy Training. This involves the use of environmental, internal and external strategies. The focus here is on compensating rather than resolving the problem.
  4. Functional Activities Training. This involves the application of the other three components in everyday life. The focus here is on real life improvements.

Our therapists work with individual patients and care partners to identify preserved abilities, make environmental adaptations, plan for future changes, and develop strategies to compensate for needs. This increases performance in activities of daily living and promotes health, wellness and safety.

Medicare or insurance may pay for this therapy with a doctor’s prescription (insurance does not pay for cognitive fitness). Ask you health professional if you qualify for Cog Rehab and if there are resources in your area which provide this valuable service. For more information contact us.