Pain in Persons with Dementia (PWD)

Hebrew Health Care Pain Education

Staff Training Video


12 minute DVD   CONFERENCE SPECIAL SALE         

In 2011-2012, Hebrew Health Care conducted a pilot research study* to examine behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD) and pain assessment. The study intervention was treatment of potential pain with low-dose liquid morphine. In this video, the investigators, Heather Dobbert, MA, CDP and Henry Schneiderman, MD, FACP speak to nursing staffs about pain in people with advanced memory disorders, and discuss the purpose of the study.  This training includes: discussion of current research on pain and PWD, including fMRI studies; pain assessment tools, self-rating, Wong Faces and PAIN-AD; and person-centered approaches to pain care plans.

*publication pending, poster presentation at Alzheimer’s Association International Conference July 17, 2013.