The 10 Secrets of SUPER Caregivers

Super caregivers are those who are able to keep most-of-it together while still providing the support their loved ones need. Everybody would love to be a super-caregiver; those who are shared the secrets to their success. Here are the top 10 secrets they use frequently, or at least have as goals in mind.

1. Go to bed each night and get up each morning on time so you can start the day rested and without rushing.

2. Say no to commitments that will not fit into your time schedule or that compromise your mental or spiritual health.

3. Delegate tasks to capable others.

4. Allow extra time to do things and get places.

5. Plan for crises; have back ups, extra car or house keys in your wallet, or house key buried in the garden, extra stamps, etc.

6. Get organized so everything has its place.

7. Develop a forgiving attitude. Realize that, like you, most folks are just doing the best they can.

8. Remind yourself that there’s a difference between a super-caregiver and the perfect caregiver – no one is perfect!

9. Seek emotional support and realize that stress often turns into depression; get treatment if needed.

10. Laugh often and then, laugh some more.